IT Infrastructure Solutions

Our ICT infrastructure solutions provide, both SMEs and large corporations, all the necessary services for the execution of your business in an efficient way and in tune with the changing market

Enterprise Server

In corporate environments today, small businesses are doing more with less. Professionals in information technology or IT can help achieve more by implementing our solutions in order to provide a reliable infrastructure with enhanced security. We offer a complete business server solution that offers messaging and collaboration, Internet access with enhanced security, secure data storage, reliable printing, the ability to run specific applications of each department of the company and fax service. Their complete administration features help technology providers to set up, run and maintain their networks productively and efficiently.

Data Center

Companies today are facing problems related to storage of their valuable data. How I can keep my data centralized and accessible by everybody in a efficient way? How I can secure my data against theft or espionage? How I can protect my information reliably and securely? How I can get all this at low cost and low maintenance? We offer a comprehensive, economic and centralized data storage by providing a centralized and automated backup service, SQL databases, file server services Windows / UNIX, Internet publishing and cryptographic protection against theft.